About the conference

The goal of Freedom Summit 2009 is to inform, unite, and engage the Christian community against the global epidemic of human trafficking. Over 900 people gathered and were encouraged to join the modern abolitionist movement. You can watch recordings of plenary and breakout speakers and download the conference handbook.

About human trafficking

An estimated 27 million people are slaves today, more than during 400 years of the transatlantic slave trade. The sale of human beings is the third largest illicit trade following drugs and weapons, but is growing faster than both of these. An estimated 50% of the victims are children and 80% are women. learn more


May 15-16, 2009

Abundant Life Christian Fellowship

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Photography Exhibt

The Faces of Freedom photography exhibit will be on display at Freedom Summit 2009. The exhibit was created by award-winning photo documentarian, filmmaker and human rights educator U. Roberto Romano during his travels to India, Nepal and Pakistan.

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